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 Hometown Heroes Info

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Name : Maggie
Age : 32
Location : Huntsville, AL
Occupation : Graduate student and teaching MAE100
Relationship Status : engaged
His name : Matt
His Age : 23
He's Currently : Pensacola, FL, Flight School
Branch : Marines
Anniversaries : Dating is March 8, Engaged is May 17
Kids, Currently : Nope
Current Mood : ok could be better...
Favorite Quote : Love the little things he does when he is with you.
Away Message : Class, Work, Class...
Number of posts : 1408
Join date : 2009-10-23

PostSubject: Hometown Heroes Info   Tue 25 Jan 2011, 2:51 am

Welcome to Hometown Heroes!

This is a site where military girlfriends, fiancés, and wives come and help each other to get through military life. We talk about deployment, living, and just our regular lives and how to survive. It is not just support and not just friends but a group of sisters. We would like for you to come join us and be part of this wonderful sisterhood.

If there are any questions please feel free to e-mail us at hometownheroes2@gmail.com or feel free to message one of the admins Maggie, Amanda, Kaihle, and Ashlee. We will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable.

As soon as you make an account with us we would like you to read and sign a few things. As soon as you sign those topics we will allow you to see the rest of the site. We keep it hidden to protect our loved ones.
Under “Our Rules and Safety Regulations”
There is:
1) Please Sign:
2) OPSEC Guidelines

Under “Members Rights”
There is:
1) Member’s Rights
2) After signing all Documents Please Read This… *All you have to do is read it*

We are now on Facebook. To locate our site please go to the “Portal” which is located at the top tool bar. From there scroll down and on the left had side you will see us. Please make sure that you hit the “Like” button!

We are so excited to have you a part of this wonderful family!


Admin Maggie, Amanda, Kaihle, and Ashlee


"Loving a Marine isn’t always what they say, and loving him is a high price to pay. It’s mostly loving with nothing to hold. It’s being so young yet feeling old. So love him, miss him, and cherish your dreams. And always be proud to love your Marine."
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Hometown Heroes Info
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